Motivational training and preparation to work for Vocational Students

We realized that to be able to increase the potential of vocational students, support and motivation is needed to develop. With this, vocational student can have high self-confidence and can prepare better to face obstacles when looking for work.

In joJOBa, we provide training with Online learning, using our E-Learning. Not only that, we also meet directly with prospective workers, especially vocational students, to motivate them and show our presence that can help them in the future.

In the training or motivation session that we did from school to school, We helped them to overview working world and give efficient steps that must be taken before entering the world of work itself.

In this session, we also explained about some attitude that must been showed when they face interview by HRD, also how to find the right job according to their wishes.

joJOBa is also present as a medium for students to ask “What should be prepared before graduating from school to get a job?”

With this, we help them to prepare and ready when looking for work.

Many opportunities or job vacancies from companies for vocational students, but unfortunately the lack of information and socialization of vocational students about tips on finding work and successfully conducting interviews. Therefore, many vocational school children eventually fail to get work.

With this training, we hope that we can improve the readiness of vocational student to find work and also give them hope that we care about their welfare in the future.