Roadshow joJOBa : The noble work that we continue to do for Indonesian children!

Giving great impact to Indonesia is something that inspires us when we created joJOBa. We are always happy to continue to provide good news about the assistance we can provide to Indonesian children, especially among vocational school children in terms of job search.

Therefore, we conducted a roadshow to socialize the use of our application.
Many things or insights we get when meeting them. By plunging directly into the world of vocational children, we can understand about their dreams in the future, what they pursue in life even the difficulties they face, especially in job search.

Many vocational school children said that they were sometimes afraid of finding work because of the rampant of job vacancy’s fraud. In addition, they feel they cannot compete with people who have a bachelor’s degree. All of this is enough to make them disappointed because they really want to work to helping their parents, becoming independent and achieving their dreams.

So, with this issue we were inspired to look for ways to help them better. We also try to improve the usefulness of our application by making them trained so that they can compete well. We also carefully choose companies to reduce job vacancy fraud to make them feels safer and more promising.

The Roadshow program that we did gave us valuable things and advice also helping us to improve Human Resources in Indonesia become better.